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How To Get New Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the best features of Animal Crossing New Horizons, is inviting new villagers to your island. Check out this guide to find out how to get new villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This way you can grow your island and get more gifts from your residents.

How To Get New Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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In order to get new villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will have to recruit people from the resource islands. If you don’t do that, you will get random villagers sent your way at a certain point in the story. Spend a Nook Ticket to head to a resource island from the airport and talk to the people there. If you talk to them twice, they will ask to come to your island. You can deny them or accept them, your call. If you accept, they will join but it might not be right away.

As you progress, you will have to help the younger Nooks build a store. You will also have to pay off your debt. After you help with the store and pay off the debt for your first house, Nook will give you a bridge blueprint. Build a bridge and place it wherever you want. When you return to Tom, he will give you three items you can use to place houses on your island. Place the blueprint, then check the sing to build the house up. Once the house is built, a new villager will join the next day. If you recruited someone on one of the resource islands, it will be that animal. If not, it will be randomized from the list they have for the game.

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[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] After you get the first three houses built, Nook will have you build a camp site. Residents will pop up there and move in if you talk to them and ask them to stay. You can also speak with Nook and tell him you want to sell land. For 10k Bells you can put a house spot down and wait for it to be sold. You can either go to resource islands and find villagers again, or wait a day or two and they will be sold to random villagers. You get bonus miles for doing this once the house is sold. You can also use the Nook Terminal to bring in Amiibo villagers after you build the camp site up for Nook.

The more houses you build, the more residents you will end up having. Check back soon for more Animal Crossing New Horizons guides.

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