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How To Get Out Of This Situation In Lost Judgment

During an event in the High School you’re given a choice. This guide on How To Get Out Of This Situation In Lost Judgment will tell you what choice to make in order to get out of the situation with the young student that shouted out an accusation.

This is after you have solved the bullying and you’re looking for an “in” at the school. When you are investigating a notice board as part of the main story, a student will make a claim. You then have three choices to choose from. You can either choose Refute Her Claim, Flee, or Use EX Surrender. We didn’t attempt each of the choices as the primary choice here is that you don’t want to blow your cover in the school.

How To Get Out Of This Situation In Lost Judgment

How To Get Out Of This Situation
If you use EX Surrender, you realize it’s probably not the appropriate time to use your new abilities. Instead, you want to select Refute Her Claim. She will then explain that you are the only person that could be guilty, and she has a witness to prove it. So, after both of the other choices prove to bear no fruit, the final choice, select flee.

When you attempt to flee, the student reveals even more information and threatens to call the police. After you have exhausted the other choices, you can then negotiate with the student. After you chat with her, inspect the flier on the bulletin board and you can progress.

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