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How To Get Past Electricity In Arc Of Alchemist

How To Get Past Electricity In Arc Of Alchemist
Want to remove the electric or lightning lines that blocks your path? In this guide on How To Get Past Electricity In Arc Of Alchemist we tell you have to remove this troublesome Gimmick from blocking your path, so you can continue to progress and sometimes, find the loot hidden behind the obstacle.

Arc of the Alchemist features multiple, large, open areas that you can explore. Often this are the path to progress in the story but there’s also a hidden cache of loot, collectibles, items, and materials hidden away behind special Gimmicks. Gimmicks are special names in Arc of Alchemist, given to very specific objectives that block your path. They are miniature puzzles, tasking players with figuring out the correct usage of elements via the LunaGear and special orbs that you can find.

How To Get Past Electricity In Arc Of Alchemist

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] One of the many Gimmicks you will encounter is a field of lightning, marked by electrical lines zipping across the screen and blocking your path of progress. The electric Gimmick is one of the more unique ones in Arc of Alchemist as it’s unlike the others. Whereas ice can always be melted by fire, mist can always be frozen by water, the method to solving the electric Gimmick puzzles is different every time as the electricity itself is not the Gimmick.

There is a single piece of continuity with the electric Gimmick, a fuse box.

While each electric Gimmick is different, each of them has a fuse box. For this particular puzzle, I had to use my Water orb to freeze some mist so I could pass and find the location of the fuse box. That’s exactly the same for all lightning Gimmicks. Search nearby for a fuse box, paying special attention to other Gimmicks that may hold the route to the fuse box.

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