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How To Get Past Iron Maiden In Bloodstained

How To Get Past Iron Maiden In Bloodstained
A strange object blocks your path in the Garden of Silence. This guide will tell you everything you need to know for How To Get Past Iron Maiden In Bloodstained as although it’s not related to serious progression, it’s never nice to leave a corner unexplored.

Once you reach the Garden of Silence, it’s hard to miss the large War Horse and Cart that stands in the end of the area. Speak to the driver and you will learn that his path is blocked, you require a giant hand in order to pass. You also need this ability to get past the Iron Maiden, so be sure to get that first.

How To Get Past Iron Maiden In Bloodstained

Once you have the ability, grab the stone statue and run off the end of the platform with it. Follow the path all the way to the end where the iron maiden waits. Simply push the stone pillar into the iron maiden and it will vanish. Voila!

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