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How To Get Perk Points Fast In Far Cry New Dawn

How To Get Perk Points Fast In Far Cry New Dawn
The skill system in Far Cry New Dawn is powered by a unique currency, Perk Points. This guide will tell you How To Get Perk Points Fast In Far Cry New Dawn so you can unlock some vital skills very early in the game, helping you clear outposts, get Ethanol faster and much more.

Perk Points allow you to purchase special skills on the Perks tab of the main menu. The skills vary greatly. Some are basic, allowing you to carry more ammunition but others are more advanced, unlocking new skills and abilities, or even equipment like the Fishing Rod and Wing Suit.

How To Get Perk Points Fast In Far Cry New Dawn

Firstly, look for Prisoner Trucks. These are trucks driven by the enemy, marked by a red icon with a cell door. These are incredibly easy and quick to solve. Shoot the driver and any escorts, and free the Prisoners. This often rewards you with valuable materials and even Perk Points.

The best way to get a lot of Perk Points quickly is to micro-manage challenges. Open the main menu and check the Challenges tab. Here you will find many different Challenges that reward Perk Points. To get a lot of Perk Points fast, you want to focus on the early level challenges. Combining these while performing other activities, such as taking Outposts, is a fantastic way of getting Perk Points quickly. For example:

  • Amateur Liberator
  • No Cause For Alarm
  • In The Shadows
  • Amateur Shotgun
  • Beginner Handgun
  • Beginner LMG
  • Beginner Saw Launcher

This is a very basic example of Challenges you can combine at the start of the game for a huge boost in Perk Points. Amateur Liberator gives you a Perk Points for liberating an Outpost, while No Cause for Alarm and In The Shadows reward Perk Points for disabling all alarms and not being seen. The other Challenges listed above all reward you with Perk Points for getting a few kills with that specific weapon. So if you take an Outpost perfectly, and mix up the weapons while doing so, you’ll find yourself having plenty of Perk Points to get started.

This same combination method works throughout the game, although obviously it slows as the Challenges become more difficult.

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