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How To Get Poke Balls In Pokemon Go

How To Get Poke Balls In Pokemon Go
In Pokemon Go you will need a ton of Poke Balls in order to catch-all of the Pokemon you come across on the map. Until you get good at tossing the Poke Balls out you will likely use multiple on one Pokemon. Check out this guide to figure out How To Get Poke Balls In Pokemon Go!

How To Get Poke Balls In Pokemon Go

First off; you can buy Poke Balls from the store if you really just want to blow cash but there isn’t a need. You can stack them pretty easily if you just have a patience to wait for a little bit.

One way to get Poke Balls is to level up. As you level up you will be gifted with Poke Balls from time to time. Normally this is a pretty large chunk(10+) so leveling up is a great way to get some extra Poke Balls.

The best way to get extra Poke Balls is to visit PokeStops. These are typically businesses, parks or churches that will have a blue symbol over them. When you get close enough, you can click the blue symbol and the name will pop up along with a picture. When the picture is on the screen, spin the picture and it will toss items out at you. You always get Poke Balls from these at the very least. You can also get Eggs, Potions and other useful items every now and then. If you visit the same one frequently you will get reduced items but you still normally get 3 Poke Balls at least. I am not 100% sure on what the re spawn timer is for the PokeStop but it is very low, something like five minutes. Just find yourself a route and take it for an hour or so and you will have Poke Balls to burn. If you are lucky you will work at a place that is a center and you can just farm them at work.

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