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How To Get Quicksilver In No Man’s Sky

How To Get Quicksilver In No Man's Sky
With the new NMS update lots of people are asking where to find Quicksilver. In this guide on How To Get Quicksilver In No Man’s Sky we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do in order to farm some Quicksilver so you can get enough to purchase the Void Egg for the Living Ships Update.

No Man’s Sky is one of those games that consistently puts out great updates. This is awesome for regular players but for those of us that stray from the course after a few days, coming back can be a confusing process. We’ve simplified the process in a list below but if you’re struggling, read on further for additional instructions.

  • Head into Space and board the Anomaly
  • Speak with the Nexus
  • Select the Red quest and complete it
  • You are currently limited to 1 Quicksilver quest per day.
  • Weekend missions offer greater rewards

How To Get Quicksilver In No Man’s Sky

Quicksilver is not a new currency in No Man’s Sky. You have been able to get it before but if you haven’t done so already, you will need to farm quite a lot in order to have enough for the Void Egg. So, this is exactly what you have to do.

Go into space on any of your ships and press Down on the D-Pad. This is where you can summon your Freighter and do other actions on your ship. You want to select “Summon Anomaly”. This summons the special Space Anomaly that is the social hub that was introduced in a previous update for No Man’s Sky.

Board the Anomaly with your ship. Once you land, look for the floating robot at the very center of the platform where you arrive. This is the Nexus. Speak with the Nexus and you are given some multiplayer quest option. You want to choose the top one, usually highlighted in red, and you will see Quicksilver as one of the rewards.

Complete the quest, either alone or with other players, to get the Quicksilver as a reward. And that’s How To Get Quicksilver In No Man’s Sky. Unfortunately, these are currently limited to a single mission per day.

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