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How To Get Red XIII On Gold Saucer Date In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Red XIII has some of the more hidden methods of increasing his friendship, This guide on How To Get Red XIII On Gold Saucer Date In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth tells you everything you need to know to make sure you get to ride the Skywheel at Gold Saucer with Nanaki.

Despite the unique characteristics of each character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the process of selecting them as your date at the Gold Saucer follows a standardized approach. The game considers several vital elements that contribute to each character’s overall friendship or Synergy rating. This rating is indicated by a happy face icon above the character in the game world, accessible by pressing L1.

How To Take Red XIII On Gold Saucer Date In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The different elements of the game that reward you with an increase in friendship points, or synergy, are Conversations, Odd Jobs, Synergy Skills, and Story choices. Each section below is explained to help you choose Red XIII as your date.

During key moments in the game, such as when the party accompanies you but isn’t directly tied to Cloud, like during your exploration of Costa Del Sol, characters will exhibit a dialog icon overhead. Interacting with them triggers conversations, resulting in a friendship bonus irrespective of the dialogue options chosen. It’s the act of conversing that drives relationship enhancement.

Odd Jobs
Within the game, odd jobs function as side quests, comprising a total of 36 tasks. Each side quest is uniquely connected to a specific character in the game. Advancing through and successfully completing a side quest related to a particular character will contribute to an increase in the player’s relationship with that character. Red XIII’s Odd Job bonuses are as follows:

  • Livestock’s Bane (Grasslands Region)
  • Where The Wind Blows (Grasslands Region)
  • The Hardest Sell (Junon Region)
  • Of Robed Men And Ransoms (Corel Region)
  • O Chicken, Where Art Thou (Gongaga Region)
  • From Whence Life Flows (Cosmo Canyon Region)
  • Promises To Keep (Cosmo Canyon Region)

Synergy Skills & Abilities
Synergy Skills are used in battle after they have been unlocked on the Folio menu. They offer HUGE bonuses to friendship with characters. So, if there is a specific character you want to take on the date, make sure to unlock each of their Synergy abilities and then use them once in combat.

Story Beats
The following are the Story Beats choices for Red XIII. These are choices that occur during cut-scenes and main events of the story itself, you cannot miss these choices, it only matters the choice you make.

  • Queen’s Blood Tournament – Win the Queen’s Blood tournament on the Shinra-8 and beat Red XIII
  • Costa Del Sol Beach Fight Partner – During the story fight on the Costa Del Sol beach, choose to aid Red XIII
  • Gold Saucer Welcome Brawl With Dio – Choose Red XIII as your partner during this fight
  • Gold Saucer Queen’s Blood Rematch – In Chapter 12, beat Red XIII at Queen’s Blood again, at the Gold Saucer
  • Loveless – Complete the Loveless section of the story at Gold Saucer
  • Skywheel Date – Choose Red XIII as your date on the Skywheel at Gold Saucer

To ensure you date your preferred character, there are two primary approaches. Firstly, focus on cultivating the highest friendship level with them. This can be achieved in two ways: progressing naturally through the game until Chapter 12 and directing attention to one character through Synergy abilities and side quests, or abstaining from all side quests and Synergy abilities with characters except the desired date. Armed with this information, you should be ready to select your Gold Saucer date.

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