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How To Get Salt In Outward

How To Get Salt In Outward
Salt is a vital ingredient in Outward as it lets you make easy Travel Rations so you can explore other regions, but where is it? This guide will tell you a fast, simple and easy method for How To Get Salt In Outward. Without having to spend ages searching for Salt Mines and other resource nodes.

Salt is used in many different recipes for many different foods in Outward. However, arguably it’s most important use, is for Travel Rations. Once you have finished in a region and you wish to travel on to the next, you will require a certain amount of Travel Rations. These are a versatile recipe as any two meals and salt makes the rations, which makes salt the most difficult of the ingredients to find.

How To Get Salt In Outward

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] The easiest and fastest way to get salt for Travel Rations is in Cierzo. You need a Water Skin, the more the better. Head down to the beach and make sure the Water Skin is empty. Then head to the water and Gather the Salt Water. This will fill your Water Skin with Salt Water. If you inspect it in your inventory, it will tell you that you have Salt Water in it.

Then, run up to the Lighthouse and into the Kitchen. Use the Water Skin filled with Salt Water. This will make 5x Clean Water and 5x Salt. That’s the fastest and best method of getting loads of salt in Outward.

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