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How To Get SHD Tech Points In The Division 2

How To Get SHD Tech Points In The Division 2
SHD Tech Points are a vital currency that let you buy new perks and improve your skills in The Division 2. This guide will explain How To Get SHD Tech Points In The Division 2 as, although it’s a slow process, visiting the correct locations first can make the process much easier and much faster.

SHD Tech Points can be spent at the Base of Operations, the White House, by speaking with the NPC near the entrance. You can spend SHD Tech Points to unlock additional abilities from a skill you have already unlocked or you can use them to purchase passive perk abilities, such as the incredibly valuable Deconstruction Perk.

How To Get SHD Tech Points In The Division 2

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] SHD Tech Points are hidden throughout the city in SHD Caches. These are typically small chests located in hidden areas that contain SHD Tech Points and occasionally, other items of high value. You can discover these by simply exploring the area or you can visit Safe Houses. Inside each Safe House is a table that you can interact with. Once you interact with these tables, it highlights all the nearby SHD Tech Caches on your map.

Secondly, progress through the story. After you finish enough main missions you will unlock a huge collection of Side Missions. Each of these Side Missions reward 5 SHD Tech and if done with a friend, many can be repeated by switching up the game host.

That’s How To Get SHD Tech Points In The Division 2 quickly and efficiently.

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