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How To Get Sheep In Manor Lords

Sheep provide a fantastic and near infinite supply of Wool, making it an incredible resource for helping trade with other regions for commodities or resources your region lacks.

Before attempting to get some sheep, you first need to construct a Pasture. This can be done from the farming construction menu.

As you are building the Pasture, it will show you how many livestock it is able to support. We recommend trying to build a pasture big enough to at least support 30 sheep

Establishing Trade Routes To Pay For Sheep

An image showing the player how to construct a Trade Station In Manor Lords

Currently, the only method available to obtain sheep is to purchase them. This is done via the games Importing & Exporting feature at the Trading Post. That sounds simple enough but it’s actually quite a complicated process.

In order to buy, or Import, something from the Trading Post you will need to spend Regional Wealth. This is a currency that is only obtained through trading. You do start the game with a very small amount, so there’s a good chance you have already spent it on Chicken or other useful upgrades.

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So, in order to buy sheep, you will first need to find a product or material to export so that you earn enough Regional Wealth to pay for the Import cost of the sheep.

How To Make Regional Wealth Through Trade

An image showing How To Make Regional Wealth Through Trade

This is where the task becomes a little tricky as the resources available to you will not be the same as the resources available to us. However, almost every region will have some sort of abundance.

If you have Rich Deposits of Iron or Clay, these can provide an infinite supply of both raw resources and products created by those resources. Find out what resource surplus your region has and then head to the Trading Post.

Navigate to find the resource and then select the Export option, then assign a Family to work in the Trading Post. You can set a Surplus if you want to ensure you never drop below a certain amount, useful for vital resources such as food and fuel.

Once you have procured enough Regional Wealth, it’s time to move on to the final step, Importing the Sheep.

An image showing the process of Importing Sheep At The Livestock Trading Post

Construct a Livestock Trading Post and assign a Family to work there. Then select the building and choose the “Trade” option. Then navigate to sheep and select “Import”. Then, under the “Surplus” option, choose the amount equal to your Pasture size.

This instructs the family to continue to import sheep for the listed price until you reach the Pasture capacity. You can then build a Sheep Farm to automatically shear sheep for Wool and then a Weaver Workshop to turn that Wool into Yarn.

Bonus Tip

Regional Wealth is key for procuring resources unavailable in your region. Yarn and Wool are fantastic to export but consider, when starting a new game, to keep restarting until you find a region with a Rich Deposit of Iron or Clay for greater rewards.

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You can also return to the Trading Post and set up an Export Trading Route for both the Yarn or the Wool. It’s a fantastic revenue stream for Regional Wealth as the Sheep don’t need replacing or any further investment.

So, to summarize

  • To obtain Sheep you must Import them from a Livestock Trading post, this requires Regional Wealth
  • Regional Wealth can only be obtained through Exporting of various resources and products at the Trading Post.
  • Once you have earned enough Regional Wealth through trading, you can import the sheep at the Livestock Trading Post.

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