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How To Get The Chest In The Stables In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Very early in the story, you may notice a chest locked away in the stables at the base. This guide on How To Get The Chest In The Stables In Star Wars Jedi Survivor will explain how you can obtain the loot inside the chest, in an effort to save you some time as you waste precious moments trying to find out how to get it too early.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has metroidvania-like elements scattered throughout the game. This means that you will often encounter areas, locations, and items that you can easily see but are unable to reach until you have acquired a specific ability or travel power. They are designed to reward you for back-tracking later in the game when you have access to certain powers and abilities that will grant access to new locations and rewards.

How To Get The Chest In The Stables In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Although you can find this chest very early in the game, you can’t reach it until near the end of the adventure. Right near the end of the story. This is because you require two abilities. The first, the ability to mount a creature, is required to reach the roof of the building. You use the mount as an additional jump before double jumping with Cal to reach the top. You unlock the mount ability through story progress after a few hours, you can’t miss it.

However, inside the roof of the stable you will notice there is a hatch covering the chest. This hatch requires the Force Lift and Force Slam abilities for Cal. These are not abilities on the Force skill tree, instead, they are yet more abilities that are unlocked through story progress. These abilities unlock toward the end of the game so make a mental note of the chest and come back once you have learned them.

I don’t want to provide exact specifics as it is unlocked during a very pivotal point of the story that I don’t want to spoil, just know you cannot miss it and you will be well aware once it’s unlocked.

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