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How To Get The Chicken Hat In Metal Gear Solid 5

How To Get The Chicken Hat In Metal Gear Solid 5
Remember the trailer that showed Snake with the Chicken Hat in Metal Gear Solid 5? Turns out you can actually get the hat in the game if you know where to look. This guide will help you find the Chicken Hat in Metal Gear Solid 5.

How To Get The Chicken Hat In Metal Gear Solid 5

Getting the Hat is actually pretty simple. If you get killed three times in a row by any enemy, or tanks, they will prompt you to use the Chicken Hat. I kept trying to steal an enemy tank while there was a guy in it and got blasted over and over. In hindsight this was a bad idea but I wouldn’t of found out about the Chicken Hat without dying over and over.

You can find the Chicken Hat options menu, under game settings. With the Chicken Hat on you will not be detected by enemies even if you enter their vision, works 3 times and then they spot you. The downfall to using it is you can only get an A ranking maximum on a mission. The hat is mainly to help any new people in the series get through some of the harder missions. I don’t know if it is just there to begin with or if you have to die 3 times to gain access to the Chicken Hat. You should only use it if you are having a really hard time on any mission, it might effect trophies and end game ranks.

I used it once to see if I would unlock it for a head piece without using the options and it didn’t appear. At the moment it looks like it is only in the options and not out in the field.

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