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How To Get The Laptop Relic In COD MWZ

Season 3 Reloaded introduces a new Dark Aether Rift and with it, the requirement of finding 4 new Relics to open the portal. The Laptop Relic, called Laptop with Stickers, is probably the easiest one to get so far.

The new Dark Aether Rift Portal can be found in the Tier 3 zone next to the starting location for the new Act IV mission, Union. After completing Union you will receive the first Relic, the Giraffe Toy. After that, you need to find the three other Relics to open the new rift. The Laptop Relic is one of those.

Where To Find The Laptop Relic

An image showing where to find a merc camp

The Laptop Relic can be found in a number of locations, but it’s moreso a unique type of enemy you are searching for. You need to find a Sergeant Mercenary. These enemies can be found in one of two places.

They are sometimes in location at Mercenary Camps, marked by a tent icon on the map. These spawn and respawn throughout the match and aren’t always in fixed positions.

A more reliable method of finding them is in Mercenary Strongholds. These require Stronghold Keys that you can obtain from the Mercenary Camps. Every Mercenary Stronghold has a single Sergeant, making it slightly longer than the camps, but it’s a guarantee

You then need to have a Dog with you and have the dog kill the Sergeant without the Sergeant taking any other damage. If done correctly, a Rift Portal will appear immediately after the Sergeant is killed and the Laptop Relic is inside.

You will also need to find the Imaginary Friend Drawing and the Science Journal Relic

How To Turn Relics Gold

A video guide on turning all of the new relics gold to open the Dark Aether Rif

Once you have all of the Relics, you will need to turn them gold in order to use them on the Pedestals at the new Aether Rift. You can do that following the video

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