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How To Get The Master Sword In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legendary Blade of the Zelda series is of course in Tears Of The Kingdom. Check out this guide to find out How To Get The Master Sword In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom. This way you can slay evil with the OG blade.

How To Get The Master Sword In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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First thing I will say is that you need minimum 2 bars of stamina and this is not easy. You have to fight a hard boss and multiple mini bosses. If you are willing to try it, then head here on the map first. This is up by the Woodland Stables.

Drop down the hole and you need to start working you way north east. You should see a Light Root, head towards that. In the distance you should see a stone structure and other Lightroots as well. Start heading that way.

You will need to make a Vehicle to get across the Gloom. You are heading here.

How To Get The Master Sword In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom 4

Use the Ascend ability on the stone structure to shoot up to the Korok Forest. Make sure to hit the Shrine and go in so you can warp here later. Enter the Deku tree and you’ll see another hole. Make sure you have anti Gloom healing and or gear, because the hands suck. Ice works well to slow them down if you can get one on the shield.

As for the boss, dodge, block, and heal through it. Beat him down and return to the top to chat with the Deku tree. He will mark The Master Sword on the map. Go to the nearest Sky Tower and launch up. You need to land on the Dragon’s head and make sure you have two TRUE bars of stamina. The yellow ones won’t count.

After that you have The Master Sword.

Check back soon for more Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guides.

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