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How To Get The Nicer Tonberry King’s Crown In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

There are two Tonberry King crowns, the Marred Crown and the Pristine Crown. This guide on How To Get The Nicer Tonberry King’s Crown In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth explains how to get the Pristine Crown because, if you defeat Tonberry through pure combat alone, you will get the Marred Crown and Yuffie will mention trying for a nicer crown.

The Tonberry King is a battle you unlock after finding all 6 Lifespring locations in the Corel region. Chadley will give you a call and explain that the intel you have gathered via the Lifespring’s has revealed the location of a formidable foe. You will then see the Tonberry King location on your map. Although you can visit this location prior to this point, without the intel from Chadley, you cannot spawn the Tonberry King.

How To Get The Nicer Tonberry King’s Crown In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Tonberry King's Marred Crown
If you just kill the Tonberry King outright, you will get the Marred Crown. If you want the nicer crown, the Pristine Crown, you must complete a specific objective during the fight. You need to Pressure the Tonberry King.

For this specific creature the Pressure trigger is to deal damage after it misses an attack. It has several ranged attacks, the instant kill attack and the falling pans attack, that are both very easy to avoid with a quick dodge. Avoid these attacks and then unleash ATB attacks and before long, you will Pressure the creature.

Once the Tonberry King becomes Pressured it will drop its crown. At this point, you need to use a character with the Steal ability and attempt to Steal the Pristine Crown on the floor. Do not target the Tonberry King with the Steal ability. The Pristine Crown becomes its own target and you must target the crown with the Steal ability.

Once you’ve stolen the Pristine Crown you can then finish the battle and return to Johnny with the item. It makes sense to give the best item but there is a difference depending on whether you choose the Marred or Pristine Crown.

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