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How To Get The Treasure Under The Stronghold In Resident Evil Village

How To Get The Treasure Under The Stronghold In Resident Evil Village
Whilst exploring The Forbidden Woods, you may have noticed a treasure chest. This guide on How To Get The Treasure Under The Stronghold In Resident Evil Village will walk you through the process of picking up this treasure as many people waste time exploring The Forbidden Woods when the chest is not actually there.

The clue is in the name. When you highlight the chest on your map it states “The Treasure Under The Stronghold”. I spent about 15 minutes running around The Forbidden Woods looking for a sewer grate, a hole in the floor, anything that would let me get underneath so I could open the chest and claim my treasure. However, there is no hidden entrance or special passage. You cannot get to the chest from The Forbidden Woods. You simply have to progress.

How To Get The Treasure Under The Stronghold In Resident Evil Village

How To Get The Treasure Under The Stronghold In Resident Evil Village
Follow the path out of The Forbidden Woods until you reach the Stronghold. That’s it. Once you’re inside there’s a lot of fighting and a tough boss battle, so make sure you’re stocked up on important supplies and as much ammunition as you can carry. Once you have defeated the boss a nearby door opens to reveal a new way out of the stronghold. Follow this path and it will lead you down some stairs and towards the treasure chest.

It’s not actually a treasure chest, it’s a gold plate, but you simply grab it as you’re leaving the stronghold via the normal route.

  • Ignore The Forbidden Woods area, there’s no hidden path or entrance
  • Instead follow the story and the main path up to the stronghold
  • Clear the stronghold and defeat the boss of the area
  • A new exit will become clear. Follow that to claim the treasure
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