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How To Get Through Ashtray Maze In Control

How To Get Through Astray Maze In Control
You can encounter the Astral Maze quite earlier in Control, but how do you get through it? This guide explains How To Get Through Ashtray Maze In Control as it’s a network of ever changing corridors and walls that move, reveal, and block as you progress.

Control has many hidden areas inside each of its sectors. Some require you to explore for side missions and stories, others offer insights to the games narrative and lore. Make sure to explore as much as possible. So, what about the Ashtray Maze?

How To Get Through Ashtray Maze In Control

The Ashtray Maze can be found via a door on the top level of the Central Research area. You must cross the Firebreak in order to reach it. Part of the the story has you activate the Firebreak so you can reach the Ashtray Maze but when you first arrive, you cannot explore it. If you go through the maze twice, you will find a mod box to open but other than that, you cannot do anything.

You must progress through the main story before you can venture into the Ashtray Maze. I don’t want to spoil any parts of the plot so I will avoid specifics. You get to enter the Maze after completing an objective during Mission 8.

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