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How To Get Through Narrow Spaces In Indivisible

How To Get Through Narrow Spaces In Indivisible
You can glide through spaces at ground level, but what about the higher ones? This guide explains How To Get Through Narrow Spaces In Indivisible as there are many areas, secret quests, and new characters to recruit past these small spaces just off of ground level.

Much like getting the Axe Jump or unlocking higher jumps, the ability to traverse through these small gaps is locked behind progress in the game and reaching a very specific area. Once unlocked, it is an ability that you have for the rest of the game, and you can use it to gain access to previously inaccessible areas.

How To Get Through Narrow Spaces In Indivisible

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You must go to the Iron Kingdom. Once you’re there, proceed through the story for a short while. Eventually, you’ll be forced to flee the town. That’s when you can reach the location I’m standing above. When you get there, you will meet Kampan. After a fight with some guards, she will run off and you will learn Leaping Drill.

It’s Down and Triangle (PS4) or down and Y (Xbox One). This does a small jump and then darts ahead, allowing you to traverse through the narrow gaps slightly off the ground.

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