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How To Get To Byzantium In The Outer Worlds

How To Get To Byzantium In The Outer Worlds
Struggling to find where Byzantium is? This guide will tell you How To Get To Byzantium In The Outer Worlds, an exciting area full of opportunity, with many side quests pointing solely at the heart of Byzantium, it’s an area you don’t want to miss.

There are multiple quests that request you visit Byzantium, but none of them give you directions on how exactly to get there. It’s pretty tucked away, locked behind some dialogue choices between certain characters aboard the Groundbreaker.

Just to be clear, you can get to Byzantium naturally in the story, but if you want to get there earlier, continue on.

How To Get To Byzantium In The Outer Worlds

Get To Byzantium
You must have progressed far enough into the story that you have completed most of Groundbreaker. Speak with Udom Bedford inside the Halcyon room aboard the Groundbreaker, it’s featured in the image above. When you get there, follow these dialogue choices:

  • I know where to find Phineas Wells
  • I saw Welles’ wanted poster, and I want to claim the bounty
  • What?
  • What kind of reasons?
  • Fine, you needed money, what’s next?

The rest of the decisions don’t matter so much. Keep speaking with him until you get the “Balance Due” main quest. From there, follow the objective markers to speak with Gladys. You pay 8,000 Bits for the Seal, return to Udom, and you get the Navkey for Byzantium.

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