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How To Get To The Alfornada Gym In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

The nearby tunnel says you can’t make it on foot. This guide on How To Get To The Alfornada Gym In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will give you a quick and easy route to follow so you can reach the town of Alfornada and challenge the Gym Leader there for another badge.

There’s a strong chance that you will try and reach the Alfornada gym quite early in your adventure. There’s a pathway that leads to a nearby tunnel but when you approach the tunnel, a sign warns you that you will not make it if you’re on foot. This means any feet, even your Pokemon. You cannot walk or ride through the cave, the cliff faces are too high and there’s no other route for the tunnel. There is, however, another way you can use to reach Alfornada Gym and fight the Gym Leader.

How To Get To The Alfornada Gym In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

How To Get To The Alfornada Gym In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet
You can start from the West Province (Area One) – Central Pokemon Center and follow the pathway to the South. Eventually you’ll reach some cliffs on your right side that lead down to a beach. You can jump freely if you are riding your Pokemon so just jump off the edge down to the side.

From there just follow the narrow pathway up the cliffs in the ocean. There’s another large cave at the end but you can traverse this cave on foot, there are no special obstacles or anything else blocking your path. Once you come out the other side of the cave you will be in Alfornada and can challenge the Gym Leader.

Alternatively, you could learn to climb so you can climb up any surface!

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