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How To Get Tons Of Dondoko Island Materials Fast In Infinite Wealth

A quick and easy farming tip will teach you How To Get Tons Of Dondoko Island Materials Fast In Infinite Wealth so you can gather up thousands of wood, stone, metal plastic, all of the materials you’ll need to build the Dondoki Island Resort of your dreams.

This is a very simple and effective method that gives you a passive income of every material and food ingredient you will need to make nearly all of the blueprints and gifts recipes on Dondoko Island. It’s fast, easy, and can be done as you naturally progress through the story.

How To Get Tons Of Dondoko Island Materials Fast In Infinite Wealth

An image showing the best structures to build for tons of resources on Dondoki Island Farm
Each time you reach a new rank of Dondoko Island Resort, from 1 Star through to 5 Star, you get a huge injection of cash and Dokobucks. You also unlock new exclusive Matayoshiya furnishings, and this is your secret tip to getting near endless supplies of materials for Dondoko Island.

Every time you reach a new resort star rank you will unlock these structures. They are things like burnable waste dump, nonburnable waste dump, chicken coops, donation boxes, all of these items function in a similar way. For each one placed, you will get a passive income of resources that you can collect at the resource collection point near your house.

Whenever you reach a new star rank, quickly build all of the new structures available from Matayoshiya. With each new blueprint built and placed down, you will earn more materials the next morning. It is expensive, but earning Dokoducks fast is really easy so once you’re in the swing of things, you’ll have more resources than you’ll ever need.

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