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How To Get Underwater Chests In Ys Memories Of Celceta

How To Get Underwater Chests In Ys Memories Of Celceta
Early on in Ys Memories Of Celceta, you will run into chests that are under water without a way to get them. Check out this guide to find out how to get underwater chests in Ys Memories of Celceta. This way you will know when you can go get your extra loot.

How To Get Underwater Chests In Ys Memories Of Celceta

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In order to be able to dive underwater in Ys Memories Of Celceta, you must first get the Water Dragon Scales. To get those you will need to get to the Sacred Beasts’ Lair, which is basically the second big dungeon when Ozma joins up with you. Once inside, use Ozma to break down walls and raise the water level until you can get to the second save point in the area. After you do that, use the save and enter the next room. There will be a boss inside that can do alot of damage but also takes alot of damage. Burn him down and then enter the next room. Her, you will find a golden chests which has the Water Dragon Scales inside of it.

Much like the Dwarf Bracelet you got earlier, you can press L2 to bring this up and put it on to dive underwater. You will need to use it to get through the dungeon but, it can also be used outside the dungeon to get the chests in the rivers and lakes around the area. You can keep it equipped and not have to worry about a debuff to strength either which is nice.

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