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How To Give Building Privileges In The Survivalists

How To Give Building Privileges In The Survivalists
The Survivalists beta is out now, offering online co-op features for the upcoming 2020 release. This guide explains How To Give Building Privileges In The Survivalists as a lack of tutorial and a rather clunky user-interface combine to make a rather puzzling start to your desert adventure.

This information is current for the original release of the beta / Steam demo currently available on Steam. I’m sure the team will make changes to the controls, interface, and other aspects described here so if you’re struggling closer to launch, check for an update in the post below.

How To Give Building Privileges In The Survivalists

The controls and user-interface make this confusing but it’s actually very simple. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to provide building privileges using a controller. You have to be able to use your keyboard. Host a game. Once you are inside the game press Escape and then press Q. This will highlight the social options in the top right. Invite your friend into the game.

Once they have joined the game, press Q again and then highlight your friends icon (I had to use A and D to move the highlight left and right). You will then see the Can Build, Open Chests, and Share Treasure Maps option. Select the “Can Build” and change it to yes. This will allow your co-op partner to build as a primary host would.

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