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How To Grapple In Journey To The Savage Planet

How To Grapple In Journey To The Savage Planet
Navigating difficult terrain is vital to progression. This guide on How To Grapple In Journey To The Savage Planet explains how to unlock one of the earliest and more important forms of travel, the ability to grapple pods to reach higher levels of terrain.

The majority of the progress in Journey to the Savage Planet is locked behind quests and tasks. Once you unlock a specific quest, the game does a pretty good job of walking you through the required objectives needed to meet your goal. Unlocking the ability to grapple is one such quest.

How To Grapple In Journey To The Savage Planet

As you explore the initial areas you will eventually come across shining pods in obvious grapple locations. However, at first, you are unable to interact with these platforms. You need to scan it first using your visor scanner. Press Up on the d-pad to activate the scanner and then press R1/RB to scan the object. Objects you can scan are shown in a different color to the rest of the terrain.

This will then start the quest “A Higher Calling”. Once you complete this quest you unlock the Proton Tether, a futuristic take on the grapple hook. Follow the objective marker and it will lead you to a jump you cannot make, which starts the Jump! Jump! quest. Follow that to the Glimmering Cave of Wonder. At the end of the cave you will get the required material to construct the upgrade. Upgrade your thrusters and then continue with the A Higher Calling quest.

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