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How To Harvest Items Under The Water In Raft

How To Harvest Items Under The Sea In Raft
The ocean in Raft is awash with resources, including under the water, but how do you get them? This guide will tell you How To Harvest Items Under The Sea In Raft so that you can find out where to get valuable resources like Stone, Clay, Sand and Scrap.

Raft is taking Steam by storm. Just 24 hours after release it already has hundreds of reviews and is rated very positively. While a single raft and a gigantic ocean may appear simple on the surface, the game does hide various mechanics and rewards just below the waves.

Many coral reefs and the areas surrounding islands are a treasure trove of resources if you know where to look and know How To Harvest Items Under The Sea In Raft. When you are swimming beneath the waves look for large pieces of metal materials, shining objects and small lumps in the sand. The metal is turned into Scrap once harvested, and you can also find Clay, Sand and plenty of stones.

While initially you may think you need a special advanced tool, you do not. When you are swimming underwater approach one of these items and you will see a hook symbol. However, there is no tutorial hint or pop-up that provides any additional information.

All you need to do, with your hook equipped, is look directly at the object until the hook sign is visible and then hold left click. That will cause the hook to start harvesting the resource. Always try to ensure you get enough stone to make another hook as it can be quite a tough resource to get otherwise.

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