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How To Have A Baby In Fallout Shelter

How To Have A Baby In Fallout Shelter

Having a baby in Fallout Shelter is one of the ways to get some new Dwellers in your Vault. This is a time consuming process but you will have to do it. Check out this article to find out how to have a baby in Fallout Shelter.

How To Have A Baby In Fallout Shelter

First off you will need to put a man and a woman in your dwelling part of the Vault. This will take some time depending on your Dwellers Charm level. If you see them dancing then they are getting ready. To make this go faster you can put some sort of Charm boost outfit on your Dwellers. Eventually they will go into the back and the woman will come out pregnant. Now you play the waiting game.

The baby will take about 4 hours(real hours) to come out. The pregnant woman can still work but she cannot deal with disasters. If Raiders or Rad Roaches attack they can’t help. They also cannot put out fires. Once the kid is finally born you can watch them progress to an adult by looking at the SPECIAL menu. This also takes a couple of hours but the kid will count towards your population for new rooms. Eventually, the Dwellers form the outside will slow down. Having a baby will help you get a bigger population.

Something you might want to consider is having multiple women pregnant at the same time. You can only get one woman pregnant at a time, but once they are pregnant put them to work and get another one ready. This way you can have a few kids coming out around the same time and getting older at the same time. Don’t forget this will limit how well you can defend your vault. You also cannot send them out into the Wasteland.

Having a baby in Fallout Shelter is a time consuming process but required to get enough Dwellers to progress. Check back soon for more guides!

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