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How To Have Children In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

How To Have Children In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord
Want your very own kids to help rule over your Kingdom? This guide on How To Have Children In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord will tell you everything you need to know to produce offspring in Bannerlords. It was rumored in the early days of the EA release that marriage was not in the game and neither were children. However, both of these assumptions are entirely wrong. Both features are in the game.

It’s unclear on the function that children server, whether they carry your stats and lineage after you pass. However, it’s very likely that this is the intended purpose at some point. Do remember, it’s Early Access so we’re missing a lot of features and a lot of clarification on what is and what isn’t in the game.

How To Have Children In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

First things first, you must be married. We’ve got an extensive guide on how to get married in Bannerlords, so if you’re still rocking that single life, be sure to check that out before returning here. Getting marriage can be a long and grueling task, and expensive too, but you’ll be happy to know that reproducing in Bannerlords is nearly effortless.

Once you are married you need to bring your spouse into your party. You can simply speak with them at the Castle or Town where they live and then ask them to join your party. Once they are in your party, go about your daily business. Slaughtering looters, buying and selling trade goods, running a successful workshop, just do what you would normally be doing. After a very short period of time, it was approximately 20 minutes for me and 10 in-game days, you will get a notification on your screen and in the chat box that your spouse is expecting a child.

It does take some time, about 2-3 seasons before the baby is born, so be patient.

How To Have Children In Mount & Blade II

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