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How To Heal Injuries & Inactives In Rainbow Six Extraction

Your Operators can get injured or become Missing In Action in the new Tom Clancy game. This guide on How To Heal Injuries & Inactives In Rainbow Six Extraction will tell you everything you need to know to get your Operators back on their feet so you can approach every situation with a full roster.

Missing In Action is a very different mechanic to injured Operators. When you fail a mission and do not extract, the Operator you were using becomes MIA. Once an Operator is MIA you cannot use them again until they are rescued. If you attempt a rescue and fail to rescue the Operator and extract, you will get the Operator back but they will lose around 30% of their total experience points. If you successfully rescue an Operator, they do not lost experience points. If an Operator is at maximum level, they become immune to losing progression. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on to injuries.

How To Heal Injuries & Inactives In Rainbow Six Extraction

How To Heal Injuries & Inactives In Rainbow Six Extraction
When you finish a mission your current Operators health is taken into account. Not their boosted health, marked by a blue bar, but how much of their initial health is still remaining. For example, if you start at 100 HP but finish at 80 HP with 30 temporary HP, you will score as if you lost 20 health. The more health an Operator loses during a mission, the higher chance of an injury. You can tell if an Operator is injured during a match by an icon over the portrait showing an injury.

Once an Operator is injured, they cannot be used. If an Operator is under 100% health, they can still be used. If you want to heal injuries or your Operators HP, you need to complete Objectives. You get a portion of health restored based on the total score you receive once extracting. For example, getting a score of around 24,000 is enough to restore 80 HP to all Operators.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply join a mission and then immediately distract, they does not heal your Operators. You must complete a minimum of one objective in order to heal. When you finish the mission, after the Operators rewards screen, you will see a squad screen. Here you will see your Squad experience points, but it will also tell you how much health your Operators have healed.

  • There are two forms of injuries in Rainbow Six Extraction
  • Minor injuries reduce your Operators total HP for future missions (until healed)
  • Major injuries put your Operator out of action immediately and they will not be available for future missions
  • Before injured Operators are eligible for future missions, they must be healed
  • Operators receive healing at the end of every mission based on your total score
  • You must complete a minimum of one objective to receive healing after the mission
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