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How To Heal & Revive In Wasteland 3

How To Heal & Revive In Wasteland 3
Whatever character you create and team you make, there’s going to be some damage involved. This guide on How To Heal & Revive In Wasteland 3 will tell you the different methods of healing your team as well as how to bring them back from the brink of death.

There are three primary methods of healing your characters in Wasteland 3. The easiest to use would be a Doctor, who you can recruit to your Ranger HQ after you complete the mission Full House. There are also Doctors you can find in other areas of the game world but they all do the same thing. For a certain price, free if it’s at Ranger HQ, they will heal your team to full and remove all injuries. Note, if you are playing multiplayer, you will have to heal each squad individually, so you’ll have to pay for the healing twice.

How To Heal & Revive In Wasteland 3

The other two methods are going to be in combat and out of combat. Out of combat is simple, you open the inventory menu and select the appropriate character. Then simply highlight the medical item you wish to use, select it, and choose “Use on Self”. As long as the character has the appropriate First Aid level, they can use the medicine to heal.

In-combat is slightly different. First you need to equip the item from the inventory into one of your Quickslots. Most characters only begin with 2. You can then use the item wheel in-combat to select the item and use it to heal. Most healing items are self targeting but Healing Darts and Medpacks can be used on other characters.

Reviving is much of the same but it does require Action Points. When it’s your characters turn, highlight your incapacitated ally. The cost of the revive will be displayed. If you have enough AP, simply select the action and the character will be revived.

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