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How To Help The Talking Tree In Elden Ring

During your time in Elden Ring you will run across a tree or bush that asks you for help. Check out this guide to find out how to help the talking tree in Elden Ring. This way you don’t have to listen to it whine over and over again.

How To Help The Talking Tree In Elden Ring

You will want to find this bush here first.

How To Help The Talking

Smack is with your weapon and you will hear a screech and see some smoke. A monkey will pop out and he will thank you for your help. He will give you some mushrooms and then offer to help you again later because he is scared right now. You can leave and do a couple of things and come back and he will be gone. You can then find him here.

How To Help The Talking Tree In Elden Ring 3

He is in the cave and hurt, telling you not to go any further. There are two bosses down there for you to fight. Killing them will get you the sewing needle and that is what the monkey wants. He will say he can’t die now and stay in the cave for a bit longer.

Later on in the game he found me at a site of grace and thanked me again. You can use him to change your outfits appearance when you are at camp.

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