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How To Host Casino Missions In GTA Online

How To Host Casino Missions In GTA Online
Need to figure out how to host specific missions to progress? This guide will tell you How To Host Casino Missions In GTA Online as you need to be a host when you complete Casino missions in order to progress and unlock more casino missions to finally get the car as a reward.

Usually you can simply host missions from the objective marker on your map. However, due to a bug or server issues with the Casino update, this is not always possible with the Casino missions. Once you have unlocked the first casino mission you can use the following method to actually host the mission.

How To Host Casino Missions In GTA Online

Follow the steps highlighted below. This will allow you to host casino missions.

  • Unlock casino missions by unlocking VIP status.
  • Complete the very first mission, Loose Cheng, as a participant (you don’t need to be host)
  • When you complete the mission, make sure you see the completion screen and get the rewards
  • If the server bugs out and you don’t see the completion screen, you’ll have to complete it again
  • Once you have completed the mission check the Jobs section of the menu’s and navigate to missions
  • You can now select the mission you completed before and you will be placed in as host.

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