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How To Hotbar Or Quickslot Weapons & Items In Sons Of The Forest

It’s difficult to swap to weapons when you’re being chased but in this guide on How To Hotbar Or Quickslot Weapons & Items In Sons Of The Forest we explain how you can easily and quickly switch between different weapons and items in your backpack without having to open your full inventory.

It’s worth noting that this method is still not lightning fast. There is not hot bar or quick item slots, such as putting weapons on keys 1 through 5. However, there is a method that is much faster than opening your inventory. First, you need to prepare your bag.

How To Hotbar Or Quickslot Weapons & Items In Sons Of The Forest

Press I to open your inventory. Your character will kneel down and open your back. Once it’s open look at the top of the screen and you will see your backpack in full. Select the backpack so it’s placed on the crafting area in front of you. You will now see several items on your backpack. Take off the items you don’t want to be easily accessible and then select items from the unfolded backpack to add to your actual backpack. You can only place certain items and a single weapon.

Once you have placed the items close your inventory. The next time you want to swap items instead of pressing I, you hold it. This brings up your backpack much quicker. Then, all you need to do is quickly select the item you want to use and you’re good to go.

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