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How To Hunt Animals In Lost Ark

You unlock hunting long before you can actually hunt in Lost Ark. This guide on How To Hunt Animals In Lost Ark explains how the hunting Trade Skill works so you can begin tracking your prey, taking them down, and skinning them for various materials and ingredients.

You unlock crafting once you reach Lakebar Village. Once you have unlocked crafting you have everything you need to begin leveling up your Trade Skills so you can gather more materials. However, even though you have all the tools you need to hunt down animals, you won’t actually find any in the Lakebar area. You need to continue through following the main story. You need to continue with the main campaign until you reach Bilbrin Forest.

How To Hunt Animals In Lost Ark

Once you reach Bilbrin Forest open your Trade Skills bar with the (B) button. This alternates between your combat and trade skills bar. With your trade skills bar open, you want to look for the icon of a fox in crosshairs. For me, it was automatically assigned to W. You want to activate this so that there is a gold line surrounding the icon and it glows slightly. This means your tracking ability is turned on.

Now, when you’re exploring Bilbrin Forest, you will see small rodents and animals such as rabbits. They will have a crosshair icon over the model, indicating that you’re able to hunt these animals. You want to press the button for Throw, it was set to Q as default for me. Once you have press Q, you cannot move otherwise the throw will cancel.

Highlight the animal with the ring and either press the same button again or press Right Mouse Button to throw the axe. If you hit and kill the creature, you’ve hunted it, and can now continue to skin it for supplies.

  • You first need to unlock crafting by reaching Lakebar Village in the story
  • Once unlocked continue to follow the story until you reach Bilbrin Forest
  • Once in Bilbrin Forest turn on your tracking skill in the Trade Skills hot bar
  • Find an animal with the appropriate icon above its head and then aim the throw with the Q button
  • Hit the animal with the throw to kill the animal
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