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How To Improve Clothing Stall Supply In Manor Lords

The Clothing Stall Supply is one of the requirements of upgrading Burgage Plots in Manor Lords. It’s a complicated system, but one that needs to be understood if you want to expand your region.

Unlike Fuel and Food Supply, a lack of Clothing Supply will not cause your Families to revolt or rebel until much later in the game, so it’s a safe thing to ignore early on.

However, once you want to start upgrading your Burgage Plots, you’re going to need to ensure your Families have an ample supply of clothing.

How To Increase Clothing Stall Supply

An image showing players the items required to increase Clothing Stall Supply in the game Manor Lords

In a nutshell, your Clothing Stall Supply represents the total amount of clothing related items available to your region at the Marketplace. However, this isn’t simply manufactured clothing items, the materials are enough.

For example, having Leather, Linen, Yarn, Clothes, Shoes, and Cloaks on your Marketplace all contribute toward your Clothing Stall Supply. The first three are enough for a Level 1 Clothing Stall Supply rating at Burgage Plots, while the other three items are required for level 2.

uses you construct for your Families to live in. This will bring up a list of “Requirements”, these are actually the factors that influence your Approval Rating.

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Increasing this supply is simply a matter of having more of the items.

What Are The Best Items For Clothing Stall Supply

An image showing players the best item to be used for Clothing Stall Supply early in the game for the game Manor Lords

Early on, you want to focus on Linen, Leather, and Yarn. The easiest, by far, is Yarn. This can be gathered from a near infinite resource for relatively low cost.

You need to set up a Trading Post to earn Regional Wealth and then a Livestock Trading Post to Import sheep into a Pasture you have built.

Bonus Tip

It’s incredibly easy to get a huge excess of both Wool and Yarn. Once you do, setup regular Trading Routes at the Trading Post for a constant and steady supply of Regional Wealth.

For more useful tips, be sure to check out our collection of Manor Lords Walkthrough Guides.

From there, build a Sheep Farm and Weaver Workshop. This chain of buildings will then Import sheep, shear them for Wool, and make the Wool into Yarn. This will give you enough to reach Clothing Stall Supply Level 1 for every Burgage Plot in your region.

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How To Make Clothing Items

An image showing players how to make various clothing items to increase Clothing Stall Supply in the game Manor Lords

Once you have Burgage Plots to level 1, the next requirement is additional clothing items to reach the level 2 upgrade requirements.

This is easily done with two Extensions. Extensions are specific Burgage Plot upgrades that can be applied to Burgage Plots that are big enough to support Extensions slots.

Make sure to upgrade two Burgage Plots with a Cobbler’s Shop Extension, this will provide enough shoes for the level 2 upgrade.

Then, finally, add a Tailor’s Shop Extension upgrade to one of your Burgage Plots and select either Clothes, Gambesons, or Cloaks, whichever your regional resources can support.

This will be enough to reach the highest level of Clothing Stall Supply across all of your Burgage Plots.

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