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How To Improve Food Stall Supply In Manor Lords

Food Stall Supply Is A Vital Mechanic To Understand

Managing your Food Stall Supply is vital to surviving the winter, attracting new Families, and upgrading your Burgage Plots. In this guide, we’ll break down the Food Stall Supply system so you understand everything you need to know to progress and flourish.

Bonus Tip

When constructing Burgage Plots for Vegetable Gardens, make sure they are much larger than normal Burgage Plots for greater yield. For more useful tips, be sure to check out our collection of Manor Lords Walkthrough Guides.

There are two main methods to analyzing your current Food Stall Supply situation. Firstly, you can click any Burgage Plot and see if the requirements are met.

Secondly, you can click the wider area of your Marketplace (not a stall) and highlight the Food Variety option. This will show you the amount, types, and distribution of your food in your region.

How To Increase Food Stall Supply

An image showing players how to increase the Food Stall Supply requirement for the game Manor Lords

Food Stall Supply, as a requirement for Burgage Plot upgrades, focuses on two core components. Quantity and variety.

You need a large amount of at least a single food resource to feed your Families, Eggs is one of the best resources for this as they are infinite and very cheap, and from there you need to focus on other food items.

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Arguably the best source of additional Food Stall Supply are Expansions for Burgage Plots. Make sure you build Burgage Plots big enough to support Vegetable Gardens and Chicken Coops, and build them close to the Marketplace.

In order to upgrade your Burgage Plots you will need multiple types of food. Berries from Berry Bushes, Meat from hunting animals, you can also use the Trading Post to Import various foods to increase the variety on offer.

An image showing players what to do if they have a Burgage Plot that cannot be upgraded, even when having the requirements in the game Manor Lords

Even if you check the Marketplace and you see three different types of foods, some Burgage Plots will still not be able to be upgraded. The further a Burgage Plot is from the Marketplace, the less items available.

As such, if you have a Burgage Plot like mine above, too far from your Marketplace, it’s best to get much higher quantities of the three food items or build a closer market.

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