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How To Improve Fuel Stall Supply In Manor Lords

Fuel Stall Supply is one of the key requirements to upgrading Burgage Plots in Manor Lords, so it’s important to understand how it works and the best ways to improve it.

To check the distribution of your Fuel Stall Supply you can select your Marketplace and highlight the Fuel section. This brings up an overlay that shows with Burgage Plots have access to Fuel and the Fuel types available.

Bonus Tip

Build a Forester’s Hut with at least 1 assigned family directly next to the Woodcutter’s Lodge. This will ensure fresh trees are planted, and you never need to move the Lodge.

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The term Fuel Stall Supply means just that, it’s the supply of fuel available at your Marketplace. It’s important to understand that Burgage Plots closer to a Marketplace gain the most benefits, whereas houses further from the Marketplace may be harder to upgrade.

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There are two ways to increase your Fuel Stall Supply in Manor Lords. Firstly, and arguably the easiest, is to construct a Woodcutter’s Lodge near dense woodland. With an assigned family, this building will cut down trees and provide Fuel Stall Supply for your Marketplace.

How To Improve Fuel Stall Supply

An image showing players the Charcoal Kiln, the best method of increasing Fuel Stall Supply in the game Manor Lords

If you already have a Woodcutter’s Lodge and your Fuel Stall Supply requirements are still falling short, you can either build more Lodges or a Charcoal Kiln.

Charcoal Kilns converts 1 Firewood into 2 Charcoal, effectively doubling your Fuel Stall Supply when compared directly to Firewood.

If you want to construct Charcoal Kilns, you will need to unlock the Charcoal Burning development upgrade in the Development Menu.

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