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How To Increase Bag Size Upgrade In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings)

Inventory size is very limited at the start of the game, so you want upgrades as soon as possible. This guide on How To Increase Bag Size Upgrade In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings) explains how you can quickly and easily upgrade your carrying capacity so you can start gathering more rare and valuable resources.

It is very much worth speed-rushing to get this upgrade. The basic backpack you start the game with has a capacity of 10 slots, two rows of 5. The upgraded pack, The Adventurers Backpack, is a massive upgrade and provides a total of 25 inventory slots. This makes gathering resources, moving bases, and hauling materials infinitely easier.

How To Increase Bag Size Upgrade In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings)

To upgrade your backpack all you need to do is follow the main story in the first area until you reach the Elven section. This is a very distinctive location as it’s very likely the first place you discover with trees and grass. It’s the location of the first forge, and an important part of the story.

Once you reach this area, the exact route is random for each play through, simply cut down one of the trees in the area to gather Elven Wood. Once you have picked up your first piece of Elven Wood, you will unlock the Workbench recipe. Simply make the Workbench at your base and then you can craft the upgraded backpack, The Adventurers Pack.

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