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How To Increase Bond Level Limit In Fire Emblem Engage

Initially, you can only reach a maximum of level 10 Bond with your Rings. This guide on How To Increase Bond Level Limit In Fire Emblem Engage will tell you what you need to do so that you’re able to increase the levels you can bond with your rings.

As you increase your Bond level with the Emblem Rings, you unlock more stats and abilities from that particular character. At the start of the game, the maximum level you can reach with an Emblem Ring is Bond Level 10. Using this method below you can drastically increase the Bond Level Limit so that you’re able to level up your Emblem Rings and gain more benefits.

One of the key benefits, which you receive at Bond Level 11, is to have the Engage last an extra turn, so it’s well worth the time.

How To Increase Bond Level Limit In Fire Emblem Engage

Paralogue missions are optional side missions marked by a purple gem-shaped icon on the map. They are completely optional and once they appear, they will remain for the duration of the game until complete. However, the huge bonuses provided by increasing the Bond Level limit are very worthwhile, so you should complete them as soon as they pop up.

  • Lucina – Complete Paralogue Arena of The Gods (The Exhalt)
  • Corrin – Complete Paralogue Crossroads Of Fate (Crux Of Fate)
  • Roy – Complete Paralogue The Binding Grounds (The Young Lion)
  • Leif – Complete Paralogue Bridges In A Row (The Sage Lord)
  • Lyn – Complete Paralogue Plains Of Swift Winds (The Lady Of The Plains)
  • Ike – Complete Paralogue Fort Of Hope (The Radiant Hero)
  • Byleth – Complete Paralogue Sacred Tomb (The Instructor)
  • Eirika – Complete Paralogue Dark Ruins (The Azure Twin)
  • Celica – Complete Paralogue Forgotten Shrine (The Caring Princess)
  • Sigurd – Complete Paralogue River of Light And Dark (The Holy Knight)
  • Marth – Complete Paralogue The Broken Castle (The Hero-King)
  • Micaiah – Complete Paralogue Frozen Fortress (The Dawn Maiden)

That’s all of the Emblem Rings and how you can break the Bond Level Limit.

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