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How To Increase Carrying Capacity In New World

A bigger carrying capacity means more loot and resources without having to return home. This guide on How To Increase Carrying Capacity In New World will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to increase your inventory limit so you don’t become encumbered and you can carry more items.

In some games your carrying capacity is directly related to one of your stats, but that is not the case in New World. All characters start with a maximum inventory limit of 200, which quickly runs out if you’re carrying Iron Ore and other heavy items. However, you can increase your inventory space quite early on, once you reach level 10.

  • Complete main quests and side story quests to reach Character Level 10
  • This unlocks a new equipment slot in your inventory, specifically for bags
  • Open your inventory and look in the lower left. You get bag slots at level 10, 30, and 45
  • You can either finish story quests to receive a bag as a reward or you can craft your own bag
  • Read below for more details.

How To Increase Carrying Capacity In New World

Unlocking a bag slot at level 10 will allow you to equip a bag. The easiest bag you can get will increase your carrying capacity by 50, which is 25%, so it’s quite the upgrade. The main story gives everyone a free bag. Follow it until a quest becomes available in your town from the Innkeeper. They will send you on a quest to another town to visit their Inn. As you arrive, you will get a bag.

Alternatively, you can craft a bag at any Outfitting Station. These can be found in all of the major towns. And that’s How To Increase Carrying Capacity In New World.

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