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How To Increase Carrying Capacity In Ooblets

How To Increase Carrying Capacity In Ooblets
Storage capacity is limited so you’ll want to increase your inventory as soon as possible. This guide on How To Increase Carrying Capacity In Ooblets will tell you what you must do in order to increase how many items you can carry, allowing you to gather more seeds, recruit more Ooblets, and do more Tasks.

At the beginning of the game, you’ve got plenty of space in your pockets. You can run around gathering materials, seeds, completing tasks, no problem. However, before long you’ll find yourself full to capacity and unable to carry anymore items. There is the option of storing items in your case, but that only allows for an additional 6 slots of storage. You’ll be wanting to improve on that as early as possible.

How To Increase Carrying Capacity In Ooblets

How To Increase Carrying Capacity
You need to purchase a Bum Bag, the European term for a Fanny Pack. Unfortunately, it’s rather expensive, costing 250 Gummies to purchase. Gummies can be difficult to get early on but once you are able to complete daily delivery tasks, you’ll be able to gather the 250 Gummies in no time.

Once you have the Gummies head to Kibbonbon. It’s the clothing shop near the fountain, with two clothing displays outside and a waving cat-like yeti thing on the sign. Head inside, you will see the Bum Bag sitting on one of the display cases. Simply approach the Bum Bag and interact with it to purchase it for 250 Gummies.

Oobsidian is a very rare and valuable material used in blueprints. This guide on Where To Find More Oobsidian In Ooblets will tell you each of the methods you can explore to get more Oobsidian quickly, so you can upgrade your coops and craft more sprinklers, adding more value and profit to your farm.
Gleamies are special colored versions of Ooblets. This guide on How To Catch Gleam Ooblets In Ooblets explains the different rarity types that each Ooblet species has, as well as tips on how to recognize Ooblets that are shiny versions when exploring the open world.
Some items, like the Basic Sprinkler, are delivered in Blueprint form. This guide on How To Craft Blueprints In Ooblets explains the crafting process as blueprints cannot be activated or accessed from your inventory, instead you must find a specific location to craft items.
Want to upgrade to a bigger Farmhouse for more storage and decorating space? This guide on How To Get A Bigger House In Ooblets explains the expensive process of finding the upgrades to your house and then paying a huge sum of Gummies in order to purchase new housing upgrades.

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