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How To Increase Development Milestones In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Development Milestones is progression that unlocks new operators and Hot-Zones. This guide on How To Increase Development Milestones In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will tell you how you can increase your Development Milestone Rank so you can level up fast, unlock new content, and get to taking down the infection.

There are three main areas of progress in Rainbow Six Extraction. Operator, Tech, and Development. Operators earn experience points through completing missions, unlocking new tech and ability upgrades. While Development Milestones are increased by completing very specific objectives laid out for each of the Hot-Zones you will encounter. The first and only area you have access to at the start of the game is New York, so you need to complete the New York Studies Objectives.

How To Increase Development Milestones

How To Increase Development Milestones
From the main menu go to Progression and you can see your current Development Milestone level. Each new level unlocks new advancements, that you can find on this screen. If you want to increase your Development Milestone level, head to the Play tab.

From the Play Tab, choose any Hot-Zone. New York is the only one unlocked by default. Don’t hit Quick Play or choose a Hot-Zone, instead select Studies. Here you can view all of the objectives for current, future, and past Development Milestone levels. You need to complete each individual objective. For example, the first set of Studies for New York City are called Intro to Nests, with the following objective: Look Up (Ping Nests on walls or ceilings), Nest Popper (Kill Nests), and Nest Removal (Kill Dormant Nests). Each objective rewards you with Development Milestones experience points. Continue to follow these objectives as you progress to rank up fast.

  • Development Milestones unlock new Operators and Hot-Zones as well as other items
  • To increase your Development Milestone level you need to participate in Studies
  • From any Hot-Zone menu select the Studies screen to view current objectives
  • Each completed objective earns you Development Milestone points

You also earn Development Milestone Experience Points for Experience Points earned by your Operators. However, if one goes MIA you will lose a portion of their overall experience points, reducing your Development Milestone by the corresponding amount. Successfully rescuing them returns all experience but if you fail, only a portion is returned.

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