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How To Increase Equipment Slots In Dragon Ball Legends

How To Increase Equipment Slots In Dragon Ball Legends
Equipment is a great way to make your character more powerful, so you want more slots. This guide will tell you How To Increase Equipment Slots In Dragon Ball Legends so that you are able to equip and upgrade more than a single piece of equipment.

After you complete the initial tutorial in Dragon Ball Legends you open the ability to place equipment items on your fighters. Every fighter, regardless of rank or level, is given at least one single slot in which they can use to equip equipment.

Currently, farming the Raditz missions is the easiest way to obtain equipment. Bronze equipment isn’t worth a lot but Silver equipment sells for 10,000 Zen and can be upgraded to offer decent stat boosts. Farming equipment is both a great way to improve your characters abilities and also farm money very quickly.

Opening a second equipment slot is no easy feat. You must first get your fighter to level 600. You must then unlock the next Class Up by completing 20 nodes. Following that you must find the rare energies to complete the Class Up. Once your character reaches Adept, you are then given a second equipment slot.

That’s How To Increase Equipment Slots In Dragon Ball Legends.

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