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How To Increase Filter Level In The Division

How To Increase Filter Level In The Division
In Tom Clancy’s The Division you will need to raise your Virus Filter in order to access Contaminated Zones. You would think having better gas masks would protect you, but they don’t. Check out this guide to figure out How To Increase Filter Level In The Division!

How To Increase Virus Filter Level In The Division

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If you aren’t playing in the Dark Zone Early, before level 10, then you won’t need additional protection until around that level. After a few missions in the story you will unlock the Medical Wing. This is one of the Wings of your base where you do your skill and passive upgrades. This is where you will find your Virus Protection buff that you will need to access the Quarantine Zones. There are three skills that have the passive buff on them and eventually you will want them all. The skills are Pharmacy, Virus Lab and Hazmat Unit.

The cheapest is Pharmacy by far, if you need quick Virus Protection that is the way you want to go. You can’t even get to the Hazmat Unit until you get the Virus Lab which costs 500. The Virus Lab does come with the healing robot skill that can be useful to healers though. I went Virus Lab first but that was because I wanted to try out the robot.

If you want to see what you current Virus Protection level you can see it on the Character screen. Scroll with left or right until you hit Exploration and you will see the Virus Filter level you are at. Be sure to check back soon for more Tom Clancy’s The Division Guides!

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