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How To Increase Friendship In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Certain Pokemon require high friendship levels to evolve but How To Increase Friendship In Pokemon Legends Arceus? Unfortunately, due to the absence of held items and the Soothing Bell, this is no longer a quick and easy process apart from one trick, and it can take a very long time to increase a Pokemon’s friendship level to be high enough to evolve.

A number of Eevee’s evolutions require a high friendship stat as well as other Pokemon like Happiny and Pichu. In previous games it was as simple as giving a Pokemon a Soothing Bell and just doing a few fights but the lack of Soothing Bell and other held items in Arceus makes this process a lot longer. We have tried feeding candies to Pokemon, using their favorite foods, fighting at the Arena, all sorts. It is worth noting that Pokemon do not need to have max friendship to evolve. When speak with the man that checks your friendship levels, you simply need him to respond with You and X seem to be fast friends. You must be quite good companions.

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How To Increase Friendship In Pokemon Legends Arceus

I spent hours fighting with Dialga, nothing. This was after giving it 20 small experience points candies, instant friendship level up. The quickest way to increase a Pokemon’s friendship is to feed it Experience Points Candies. You get this from defeating Alpha Pokemon and you can also buy them at the treat stand in town after you unlock it early in the story. You can usually use 10-20 of the small Experience Points Candies on a single Pokemon and it will raise its Pokemon friendship level by one.

If you don’t want to buy the candies or farm Alpha’s for them, the only other alternative is to battle a lot with your Pokemon. It’s easier to find Pokemon weak to your Pokemon’s type so you can open with a Strong Style move and hopefully finish them off in a single blow. Money isn’t very hard to come by later in the game so the Experience Points Candies is the much faster option if you just want to get a Pokemon to evolve.

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