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How To Increase Homestead Level In Undawn

Your player level is capped based on the server time and also the level of your Homestead. In this guide on How To Increase Homestead Level In Undawn we’ll explain how you can level up your Homestead so you can increase your character level and continue earning experience points and rewards for leveling up.

Once you progress far enough into the story you will unlock your very own Homestead. In this Homestead you can craft, rest, relax, and do everything you need to maintain your mental and physical health. It’s a central part of the game so it’s a good idea to get familiar with the features and facilities on offer. After a short while, you should be up to level up your Homstead.

How To Increase Homestead Level In Undawn

If you want to level up your Homestead head to the front gate and stand just outside the actual Homestead itself. You should see a signpost that reads “Estate Management”. Move close enough to the sign to interact with it and then press the interact button. When you interact with the Estate Management sign, you will be introduced to a new interface.

At the top of this new menu you should see the name of your Homestead. Just above that, there will be a level icon with a green arrow. Simply press on the green arrow and you will be taken to the level-up interface. This tells you what you get for leveling and the materials required to level up. As long as you have the materials, simply press to upgrade.

Best part is, there’s no timer either. It just upgrades instantly.

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