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How To Increase Inventory Bag Space In Hogwarts Legacy

You find a LOT of gear in Hogwarts Legacy, so space is very limited. This guide on How To Increase Inventory Bag Space In Hogwarts Legacy will explain the mechanics behind increasing how much you can carry as it’s not simply a matter of buying a bigger bag, there are specific challenges you must complete.

Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy are unique tasks that you can complete. They are optional and a challenge tree will be locked until you complete a basic activity assigned to that particular challenge tree. Each challenge gives you rewards for reaching certain milestones within that particular challenge. Most of them are really engaging and fun, and the rewards are pretty good. It’s a challenge type that you need to focus on if you want to increase your carrying capacity.

How To Increase Inventory Bag Space In Hogwarts Legacy

Open the challenge menu and navigate to exploration. The third one from the bottom is Merlin Trials. If you do not have this unlocked yet, follow the main story. A quest will occur where you are tasked with solving a Merlin Trial, these is part of the story and cannot be missed. It introduces you to the basic mechanics of Merlin Trials and how to solve them, then you can start finding them in the game world.

Each milestone you complete within the Merlin Trial Challenges section of the Challenges menu, increases how much gear you can carry. There are tons of Merlin Trials all over the map, so it’s quite easy to increase your carrying capacity once you unlock the trials.

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