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How To Increase Inventory Space In No Man’s Sky

How To Increase Inventory Space In No Man's Sky
Something you quickly run into in No Man’s Sky is inventory limit. You don’t start off with a ton of space to hold all the materials and upgrades you want. This guide will teach you How To Increase Inventory Space In No Man’s Sky!

How To Increase Inventory Space In No Man’s Sky

You increase each section of your inventory differently. The picture up above is the place that you upgrade your suit to increase the inventory for that. It looks like this when you get close.

How to increase suit inventory space in No Mans Sky

This was found near a Way point on my first planet and you can see them from up in the air decently. They basically look like large drop pods when you fly over them. When you arrive, jump in and you can use the computer to upgrade you inventory space. You can also say no but I have no idea why you would want to do that. Another thing I discovered while exploring was the option to buy a Multi-Tool with higher inventory slots but it didn’t come with a scanner. This leads me to believe that you can also buy another suit potentially for more inventory space at the cost of something else. New ships will have different inventory amounts. When you go to buy a new ship you can check the inventory there and figure out if it is better than you current one.

If you find yourself running low on cash check out our how to make units fast guide for No Man’s Sky.

We are trying to find a quicker way to upgrade you inventory at the moment, if you have any ideas let us know in the comments. Until then be sure to keep an eye out at trade out posts and check for the large drop ships!


Okay so each upgrade costs you 10k units more. So it goes free, 10k, 20k etc etc. I have also started finding them behind AtlasPass doors so there’s a chance to get them there as well.

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