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How To Increase Island Rating In Jurassic World Evolution

How To Increase Island Rating In Jurassic World Evolution
Island Rating is important for your progression in Jurassic World Evolution. This guide will tell you the many different ways for How To Increase Island Rating In Jurassic World Evolution so you can increase your profits, unlock more features and progress through to the next island.

There are two main aspects of increasing your Island Rating in Jurassic World Evolution. Firstly, your Dinosaur Rating, secondly, your Facility Rating. We’ll explain the basics of each and how you can improve each aspect.

Dinosaur Rating consists of quantity of dinosaurs, variety of dinosaurs and quality of life. The quantity is easy. Just keep adding dinosaurs, typically the 25-35 area is enough to get maximum rating in most areas. Variety is also easy, you want to make sure you have a mix. Ideally, at least 2 of each dinosaur you can make in the earlier levels. Welfare is also easy, if you’re smart. Don’t throw in aggressive species with passive ones, ensure every dinosaur is well fed and has access to fresh water. Most importantly, check the comfort level of dinosaurs. If that’s low, try creating a bigger pen, adding more foliage, ensuring the dinosaur has at least one other of the same species is in the same pen.

Putting modification genomes on your dinosaurs is also a great way to raise their star rating, you can check by inspecting the dinosaurs stats. Victories in combat also add to the dinosaurs star value.

Next up is the Facility Rating. The safety rating is easy, especially in the earlier levels. In the later levels make sure you have at least 2-3 Emergency Bunkers, electrified fences and Storm Protection. Capacity, simply build a Hotel. Check the Hotel from time to time, if the overcrowding begins to rise, build another. Finally, the satisfaction. Have at least 1 of each guest facility, 2 of the ones that make the most money (restaurants, gift shops). Check the items and prices. Keep increasing the prices until the profit drops, once the profit drops, set it back and then leave it at that. Eventually you can charge extortionate prices for basic goods.

Increasing Island Rating is a slow process but as long as you manage to fulfill each of the requirements above over extended periods of time, you should be hitting that coveted 5 star rating in just a few hours.

That’s everything for How To Increase Island Rating In Jurassic World Evolution. If you have any questions, post a comment below.

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