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How To Increase Level Cap For Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

At first, all classes are limited to a maximum level of 10. In this guide on How To Increase Level Cap For Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 we break down how you can break the level cap for each class as completing certain quests and events rewards you with a “Class Rank Limit Broken” unlock.

When you first start Xenoblade Chronicles 3, even if you unlock all the classes, each class is limited with a restriction on levels. No class, at the start of the game, is able to progress past level 10. However, there is a way to increase the level cap for classes so they can continue to grow and level past 10. These are on a class-by-class basis not character based. So for example, if you get a Class Rank Limit Broken for a class, that works for all characters that use that class. Typically, you need to complete a specific quest or event in order to break a classes level limit.

How To Increase Level Cap For Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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ClassHow To Increase Level
Medic GunnerComplete Hero Quest Side Story: Eunie. You need to complete the Fourtune Clovers rumor in Great Sword City Interior. You need Riku and Manana.
ZephyrComplete Hero Quest Side Story: Mio. Story based
OgreComplete Hero Quest Side Story: Sena. You need to find and complete the Ghondor's Grumblings Discussion in Swordmarch City Interior in Chapter 7
SwordfighterComplete Hero Story Side Story: Noah. Part of story.
Heavy GuardComplete Hero Quest Side Story: Lanz. This quest is from a rumor "Curious about Training" in Swordmarch City
TacticianComplete Side Story: Taion. Complete "The Sea" rumor in Ascension Grounds to get this quest, in CH.7. You also need Hero Riku & Manana.
SigniferComplete Hero Quest Culinary Repertoire. Go to here when you have Side Story: Taion active.
War MedicComplete Hero Quest I'm A Mechanic. You can find it here, with Valdi in your party

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